United Industries is the best partner for high-qualilty customized plastic injection moulding solutions catering to customers in diverse sectors


We pursue FIVE values in all processes oriented towards creating value for our clients. These values help us make decisions and enrich the way we work.

Towards smart teamwork

Hard work is great but smart work is more sustainable. from our experience, smart teamwork has helped us in many ways - identifying and catching errors earlier, shaping leaner processes among others. working smart requires us to pause for a while and think aloud, "is this really needed?"

Customer satisfaction as the key driver

Everything we do, we do for our clients. In fixing customer satisfaction as a key driver, we allow ourself to think from our clients’ perspective. this way, we embody the client’s needs and recognise the pain points to be healed.

Precision at every step

Precision takes time. that’s exactly why we’ve programmed it into every step that we take. precision then does not become a farsighted goal - it is a live parameter that needs to be cared for. doing it in small chunks makes it easier and habit-forming.

Safety as a core competence

Safety is usually an afterthought. a poster on the wall that nobody looks at. this is not how we choose to look at safety. we build safety as a core competence within the organisation. we do this by asking “how can we make this safer?” at every step in our processes. over time, we aim to build a knowledge repository that can be accessed by anyone in the organization.

Thinking long term

Within the context of the Indian manufacturing universe, quick fixes and troubleshooting capabilities are usually celebrated. We respect their importance but would like to go beyond that and think long term. By using this perspective, we are able to take small steps towards solutions that might have a significant impact on the value chain in the future.

Our Journey


  • Target Sales INR 95 Cr (USD 16.38 Mn)


  • New Plant at Pillaipakkam up to 1800 TON

  • Achieved Sales INR 73 Cr (USD 12.58 Mn)


  • Achieved Sales INR 59 Cr (USD 11.73 Mn)


  • Achieved Sales INR 43 Cr (USD 6.5 Mn)


  • New Plant started Moulivakkam target sales INR 25 Cr (USD 5 Mn)


  • Achieved ISO 9001 : 2008/TS 16949:2009


  • Achieved Sales over INR 8.0 Cr (USD 2.0 Mn)


  • Started new plan at Manapakkam

  • Installed 600T Machine

  • Achieved Sales INR 1.0 Cr (USD 0.25 Mn)


  • Installed 450T Machine

  • Entered Auto Parts Industry


  • Started United Plastic Company at Ekkatuthangal


  • Installed First Semi Auto Machine


  • The humble beginning


Karthik Krishnan


Karthik has a management degree from the United States and is responsible for kickstarting United Industries’s sustained growth since 2003. He is a proactive leader, a costing specialist and risk-taker. Apart from taking every opportunity to discover new places, he enjoys collecting watches and is a huge gadget freak.


Management Advisor

With over 30 years of experience in the plastics industry, Suresh advises the current management on key issues related to technical and purchasing strategy. He also mentors the CEO on capital assets management. He is well-known for his negotiation skills and enjoys spending his free time enabling social change through Rotary International.


Technical Advisor

Another veteran in the plastics industry with over 30 years of experience, Sundaram’s idea gave birth to United Industries. He mentors the CEO on moulds and equipment apart from advising the management team on core technical issues.

Keerthi Mahalingam

Director, Technology Evangelism & New Product Development

Keerthi has a masters from Germany and is a new entrant to the United Industries team. He is responsible for introducing Industry 4.0 and new product development in order to transform United Industries into a global player. He is a foodie, a first adopter of all things Apple and an aspiring biker.

Sivanandan Manickam

Head, Business Operations

Siva has a diploma in engineering and is Karthik’s right (rather left) hand man when it comes to operations and execution within United Industries. He’s known for maintaining his cool and getting work done against all odds.


Head, Quality & Customer Satisfaction

Sriram has a diploma in mechanical engineering with a lot of experience from the automotive field. He’s an expert in troubleshooting all possible plastic-related issues and swings into action the instant a customer reports an issue. When he gets time off, you can see him indulging in good food.


Head, Financial Intelligence

Jayanthi is a commerce graduate with an eye for attention to detail. She has over 25 years of experience in accounting and financial management. She handles all the financial transactions of United Industries and is well known to visiting auditors as a perfectionist.